Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy


We are a team of Psychology, Medical, Ancient, Modern and Alternative therapy Experts who work for Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy with the following Vision and Mission:


Motto: "Realize your self" for health and happiness


Vision: Naturally Eternally Healthy Peaceful Loving Happy and Empowered Community.


Mission: Health Promotion removing Health Inequalities. 


1. Serve every individual imparting knowledge of causes of disease and Empower everyone to prevent and manage the diseases in a natural, healthy and non-invasive manner in association with ancient and modern - scientific and spiritual therapies along with social interventions.


2. “Education and Research on Self Awareness” of Psychological (Spiritual, Mental, Intellectual – Emotional) Biological  (Physical) and Social aspects through Ancient  and Modern, Spiritual and Scientific inventions.


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Counselling, Healing, Research, Self Awareness Education for School Children and Trainings


Free Online Courses:


PsychoAnalysis - Counselling


Delta Healing - Hypnotherapy


Advanced Spiritual Healing


Other Courses

Healthy Life Style for Mind and Body,



Astral Travel



For any queries please email: academyshiv@gmail.com