Spirituality Health and Inner Values Academy


We are a team of Well Wishers who work for SHIVA with the following Vision and Mission


Motto: "Realize your self" for health and happiness


Vision: “Wellness” through Psychological (Spiritual, Mental, Intellectual – Emotional) Biological  (Physical) and Social Well-Being



1. “Education and Research on Self Awareness” of Psychological (Spiritual, Mental, Intellectual – Emotional) Biological  (Physical) and Social aspects through Ancient  and Modern, Spiritual and Scientific inventions.


2. “Prevention and Management of Health Inequalities in Mental and Physical Diseases through Health Promotions” by Spirituality, Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy, Allopathy, Psychology, Philosophy, Meditation, Ancient Scriptures and other Complementary Alternative Techniques and Therapies.










Counselling, Healing, Research, Self Awareness Education for School Children and Trainings


PsychoAnalysis - Counselling

Delta Healing - Hypnotherapy,

Self Awareness Education and Training,

Yogasanas, Meditation

Astral Travel

Alternative Therapies like Reiki, Access Bars, DMIT, Mid Brain Activation, NLP, EFT, 

Internship: Train the Trainer

Master Trainer


For any queries please email: academyshiv@gmail.com



dr. malti gupta