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Founder and Chairman









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The Logo







The Five Symbols refer to the five main activities of the Trust.

1. Imparting knowledge of Self Awareness through Physical and Mental Health Promotion. Image: Balanced Human Posture. Colour: The Golden is the sign of Knowledge - wisdom.

2. Research on Consciousness and its effect over health, Survey on Health Inequalities. Image: Analytical Brain. Colour: The Grey is the turning of darkness in to light.

3. Training on wellness and healing by Education . Image: The Book. Colour: The Blue is to attain the essence of education that is as vast as the sky.

4. Management of Illness, Health. Image: The Heart. Colur: The Green is to make the world green, to flourish with health and happiness.

5. Prevention of illness. Image: The Red Ribbon. Colour: The red is to stop the illness.

And all actions are to be performed on the foundation of Inner Purity of Virtues and Self Consciousness, representing White(Pure) Lotus Flower which always remain detached but seems to be attached to the water, the world of thoughts and actions.

The External Star refers to individual consciousness and Internal Star refers to the Divinity. With the Inner Purity of Values and Remembrance (the red torch) of Divinity in all actions, the human being attains Wellness.

The all around gold represents the emergence of golden aged world with abundance in health, wealth and happiness, where every person becomes an embodiment of knowledge.

The Management Team

The Management Team comprises mainly of following Designations :

1.    Vice Chairman
2.    Manager - Administration
3.    Head of Dept  - Research
4.    Head of Dept – Allopathy and Prevention
5.    Head of Dept – Ayurveda (Prevention)
6.    Head of Dept – Homoeopathy  (Prevention)
7.    Head of Dept – Yoga
8.    Head of Dept – Training
9.    Coordinators
10.    Finance Consultant 
11.    IT Consultant


The District or Individual Centre Level designations will be:

1.    Co-ordinator
2.    Counsellor
3.    Healers
4.    Trainers
5.    Research group




For more details, please contact: academyshiv@gmail.com