Aims and Objectives



I)         Preamble

II)        Aims

III)      Objectives

IV)      Beliefs and Practices

V)        Inspirations and References

VI)      Realization of Aims and Objectives

VII)     Benefits

VIII)   Reach out



Spirituality Health and Inner Values Academy aspire to

1. Encourage a deeper understanding of Self as per the ancient scriptures and the practical research and experiences of various spiritual, scientific- medical institutions.

2. Propagate Prevention and Management of Physical and Mental Disease and Illness by the methods explained in Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy, Allopathy, Psychology, Ancient Scriptures and other Complementary Alternative Therapies.



Aims of the Academy are as follows:

To provide Emotional Support and Mental clarity, by imparting knowledge of psychological, Intellectual, biological and social influences over Self Awareness and Healthy life style.
To offer learning in principles, values, and spiritual and moral understanding to those who are interested; to reaffirm the spiritual identity, inherent goodness, dignity, and worth of the human being; and to foster a spirit of universal brotherhood.
To encourage transformation in individual awareness, attitude, and behaviour as the foundation of the overall advancement of the human condition throughout the world;
To teach self awareness and related methods of personal development and positive thinking.
To promote better understanding of and within the global human family through insight into the spiritual connections among the world’s different faith, political and scientific communities.
To clarify spiritual, scientific and moral perspectives on contemporary issues of personal, community and global concerns, and to facilitate a greater awareness of corresponding rights and responsibilities to foster long-term, human-centred development. This would include scientific, moral and spiritual dimensions of education, the support of economic, social, environmental and human well-being and the promotion of equality.
To enhance the skills, arts, and talents and attain higher levels of quality in personal, professional, and public life.
To create wellness through health and happiness.



The following activities are to be carried out to propagate Self Awareness and Prevention and Management of Illness:

Provide Education and Perform Research.
To promote the advancement of education by educational courses, studies, programmes, projects and research in the field of Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Siddha, Unani, Allopathy, Psychology, Philosophy, Meditation and Yoga  and to make known the results of such studies and research

Develop Certified, Experienced, Approved Counsellors to propagate Self Awareness, Prevention and Management of Physical and Mental Illness, Establish Counselling Centres, Relaxation (Stress Free) Centres and Develop Self Awareness Community Centres.

To relieve from mental and physical sickness and distress.


Beliefs and Practices of Academy



Spirituality is the realization of the “self” as a soul with the common thread of understanding of one God and one world family.
By realizing the self, we can re emerge all the innate natural nature that is already present within every individual.
By understanding the health concept mentioned in Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy, Allopathy, human beings can lead a life of wellness with health and happiness, by prevention and management of physical and mental illnesses.
Stress has been the major factor for the cause of physical and mental illness as per the modern and Ancient research in medicines. By self awareness, we can very well handle stress leading from Illness to Wellness.




Wellness is experienced by

Self awareness
Inculcation of virtues of self
Knowledge of prevention and management of physical and mental illnesses
Service to others with an attitude of benevolence and the awareness of the spiritual relationship of brotherhood.
Learning is not a trade and may not be used in order to amass riches. Therefore in so far as his ministrations may be necessary, the lawyer or doctor ought by practising his profession to earn only a living wage. And such was actually the case formerly. The village vaidya (physician) did not earn more than the carpenter but only a living wage. In short the emoluments of all crafts and professions should be equal and amount to a living wage. There will be no incentive for the acquisition of knowledge. Knowledge truly so called is intended for one's salvation, that is to say, service of mankind. There will be scope for competition in trying to be good and helpful. And there will be no discontent or disorder as all will receive a living wage.


Inspirations and References to follow


The Almighty God Father and the Knowledge shared by the God Shiv, through Sakar and AvyaktMurlis which are being published by Brahmakumaris World Spiritual Godly University.

Yogaścittavṛttinirodhaḥ” ||2||  to stabilize in self awareness free from the influence of limited mind (but to stabilize in unlimited mind/awareness)  as told by yoga sutra of Sage Patanjali.

Īśvarapraṇidhānādvā||23||Kleśakarmavipākāśayairaparāmṛṣṭaḥpuruṣaviśeṣaīśvaraḥ||24|| Tatraniratiśayaṁsarvajñavījam||25|| Pūrveṣāmapiguruḥkālenānavacchedāt||26|| To know and have yoga with Supreme God, the One who is constantly stable, the Knowledge-full Teacher of all teachers  - as per the yoga sutras of Sage Patanjali.

the Blissful state of Anandamayakosa by the knowledge and prevention of obstacles in five koshas (made of food, prana, emotions, Mind and Bliss) as mentioned in Taittriya Upanishad.

Reality and health as mentioned in following two mantras of Upanishads:

Om SarveBhavantuSukhinah, SarveSantuNir-Aamayaah |SarveBhadraanniPashyantu, MaaKashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet |Om ShaantihShaantihShaantih ||

Om AsatoMaa Sad-Gamaya |TamasoMaaJyotir-Gamaya | Mrtyor-MaaAmrtamGamaya | Om ShaantihShaantihShaantih ||

Mahatma Gandhi’s Satyagraha-Sabarmati Ashram and Rabindranath Tagore’s Shantiniketan.



Realization of Aims and Objectives

Education (Secular) and Research on Self Awareness / Consciousness to achieve medical/illness relief, relief of distress and the following:

Education Institutes / Centres / University to be formed to teach self awareness and to prevent and manage the Illness by means of ancient and modern spiritual and scientific methods.


Do research on the self awareness and on prevention and management of Illness by means of ancient and modern spiritual and scientific methods.


Application of Secular Education of Self Awareness in real life by Creation of Communities/Centres/Counselling Centres/Sub-Centres/in Residential areas


Counselling Centres
In every district one Co-ordination office will be available, and this office will support the Experts and Clients of their area through their own resources but give feedback to the Co-ordination Office. They in turn take initiative to create counselling centres / counsellors in every hospitals, residential areas and colleges or as individuals operating from their home or own healing centre. The idea is to create Self awareness, Disease Prevention and Management Counselling/Awareness Centres every where like we have Security Guards in every building


Community Centres

To create self sustained communities/Centres/Sub-Centres/Ashrams for practical application of self awareness with observing Truth, Brahmacharya and faith with love for God through communities/Ashram. The visible object will be purity of mind and body as well as the inculcation of the 66 values of self awareness.


VII. Benefits

To save Medical and Health Expenses, improve productivity, save time, Overall economy, Create health, happiness and wellness
provide Emotional support for physically and mentally dis-eased.
prevent suicidal cases and helps in positive thinking.
prevent Life style diseases, provides information on nutrition, diet and healthy life-style.
help overcome addictions.
help de-stress (Ayurveda, Homoeopathy and Modern Allopathy agree that 75 – 90% of all diseases are due to stress)


Reach out


 Parents: Parents will get support for parenting, managing health, preventing Life-style diseases.

Students: Students will get guidance for Memory improvement, Relationship issues, Dealing with peer pressure, coping with responsibilities, Time management, Overcoming issues like conflicts, dilemmas, fears, anxiety, tension, stress, managing health and prevent Life-style diseases.

Professionals: They get guidance for managing house and office, time management, dealing with stress at workplace, guidance for improving skills, prevent Life-style diseases and managing health issues.

Housewives: Will get guidance to deal with relationship issues, handling people, managing health and prevention of Life-style diseases

Patients: Will learn to manage the Illness.

Counselling, Healing, Self awareness Education for School Children, Research and Trainings

PsychoAnalysis - Counselling

Delta Healing - Hypnotherapy


Self Awareness Education and Training

Yogasanas, Meditation

Astral Travel

Alternative Therapies like Reiki, Access Bars, DMIT, Mid Brain Activation, NLP, EFT, 

Internship: Train the Trainer

Master Trainer

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