Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy

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Spirituality Health Inner Values Academy provides counseling and hypnotherapy services in eight stages through the Service providers who are known as Holistic Health Counselors and Psychological Professionals.

The Patient when he/she approaches Shiva Telehealth Services, they will be connected to one of our Holistic Health Counselors. The process of treatment consists of following eight stages:

1. Case History, 2. Psychology Assessment (PRE), 3. Diagnoses, Counseling consultation and Treatment plan, 4. Counseling and Therapy, 5. Health Education, 6. Spiritual Empowerment, 7. Psychological Assessment (POST) and 8. Follow up

Stage 1:

The Holistic Health Counselor will collect the Data from the Patient to submit a case study report to our Counseling experts:

1. Life History and Lifestyle data Collection


Stage 2 and 3:

Psychological Assessment will be conducted. Based on the Case study and Psychological Assessment, a Counseling Professional will suggest the psychological and spiritual treatment plan:

1. Psychological Pre - Assessment

2. Diagnoses and Counseling Treatment Plan

3. Cause of disease

4. Healthy Lifestyle to prevent and manage disease

5. Guidance for additional care for managing the illness and prevention

6. Reference to right medical Specialist if required.


Stage 4:

Based on the diagnoses and guidance, the Counselor will provide following additional care services:

For mind:
a. Emotional Healing
b. Psychotherapy like Hypnotherapy, CBT, REBT, EMDR, Association Test

For body:
a. Counseling on Prevention and Management of diseases
b. Relaxation Exercises


Stage 5 to 6:

General education on Healthy Life Style (HLS), function of mind and body, Diet, Coping skills, Function of affected organs, Prevention and Management of Non-communicable and Communicable Diseases will be taught  by various trainers. Health education on particular illness and management will be taught by specialists / medical doctors.

At stage 6 or during the process, Spirituality, Meditation and its benefits on physical and mental health will be explained and practiced in a scientific way.


Stage 7 to 8:

Post Assessment will be conducted and Counselors will keep coordinating between the patient and medical expert until the disease is cured, for further followup and check up, as per the advise of Counseling experts.

1. Post Assessment

2. Coordination between patient and doctor as per the requirement
3. Followups and Reminders